Crayons & Shelterbelts with Kevin Locke

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  1. What things do I remember drawing as a child?
  2. Do I still draw or doodle? What sorts of things do I draw now?
  3. What might someone learn about me from looking at my drawings or doodles – either as a child or now… or both?
  4. Do I believe my purpose is to be a Blessing or to provide Beauty?  Or do I see my purpose as something else?
  5. What are/is MY…
    1. Solid Foundation
    2. Overarching Goals
    3. Light of Knowledge
    4. Warmth of Love
    5. Soft Breezes
    6. Gentle Rains
  6. Has anyone been a “shelterbelt” for me in some of these ways?
    1. Love
    2. Compassion
    3. Truthfulness
    4. Trustworthiness
    5. Continuity
    6. Constancy
    7. Dependability
  7. Who might you I “sheltering” and in what ways?
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