Tawapaha Olowan: Song by Earl Bullhead

Tawapaha Olowan 
(Flag Song ‐ S.D.)

Tunkasila yapi tawapahakihan 
(Grandfather)(Have gone)(Their deeds)
Oihankesni he najinkle lo heyeyeye 
(Without faltering) (Will stand)
Iyohatehan oyatekihanyan 
(Underneath) (The Nations)
Wincincahinklaca lecamunwelo heyeyeyo 
(Will raise children)(So)(I’m doing this)

Free Translation: To our forefathers who have gone on before us we stand united honoring their deeds. Below these deeds the people live with honor and respect, because generations will follow. I commit myself to this way of life. (E. Bullhead 2012)

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