Wakatakiya Ahhintuwan Olowan: Song by Earl Bullhead

Wakatakiya Ahhintuwan Olowan
(Encouragement Song) 

Wakatakiyia ahhintunwan na blehic iya po heyeye 
(Upward) (Look towards) (And) (Humble yourselves)
Oyate ki tehic iya unpo otehikelo heyeyeye 
(The people) (Cherish) (Exist) (It’s hard to come by)
Mitakuyekinhan tanyan iyukcanpo unlakotapelo heyeye 
(All my relatives) (Good way) (Think) (We are friends)
Waunsilapo lakotaki otehikelo heyeyeyo 
(Help each other) (The allies) (Hard to come by)

Free Translation: Take a look upward and humble yourself, my people live a life of sharing with each other, it’s difficult, yet a beautiful way to live. (E. Bullhead 2012)

Listen to Wakatakiya Ahhintuwan Olowan

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