“Otiwote”“Makoce” and “Wizipan” with Duane Hollow Horn Bear

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  1. Do I know the specific place where I was born?  Do I have a special relationship with that place?
  2. Are there places that I have a special relationship with?  Where are they?  Why do I have a special relationship with them?
  3. Are there special places I would be willing to fight for?
  4. Who are the people I learn wisdom from?
  5. What things might be easier to see in“relationship” ways than in “ownership” ways? What makes the difference?
  6. Do I have a place, a person, or some other thing that is my “wizipan” or a container for all I need?  Where, whom or what is it?
  7. What might happen if people feel like they have no wizipan, or that their wizipan is empty?
  8. Are there ways that I “give back” to some place,person or thing that acts as my wizipan?
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