WoLakota Staff-Developed Lessons

This is a growing set of lessons developed by our WoLakota staff as we work in various schools modeling culturally responsive classroom practices, embedding the OSEU and the CCSS into lessons, and utilizing various Elder interviews and cultural resources. Most of these lesson pages will include links to a pdf file of the lesson itself, and an embedded version of the Prezi that was constructed for use in the classroom with students. Many of the Prezis will have video embedded within them, so depending upon the speed of your connection and your browser, it may take just a bit for them to fully load. We welcome you to share about your use or adaptations of these resources in the “comments” section at the bottom of each of these pages. Feel free to share these resources and links with anyone who might have a use for them. As always, anything we develop and place on this website is absolutely free!

Elementary Lesson Plans:
Middle Level Lesson Plans:
High School Lesson Plans: