Lakota Virtues

We are excited to share this set of resources created by the South Dakota Office of Indian Education. Throughout the 2022 / 2023 school year, the Office of Indian Education is releasing seven brief videos highlighting seven traditional Lakota values as shared by Lakota Elders. We know educators and community members alike will find great uses for these videos and the important traditional teachings that they embody.

Wówaȟwala (woh waȟ wah lah) –

gentleness, peace

Wówačhaŋtognake (woh wah chaŋ toh gnah kay) –

generosity, love

Wóohitika (woh oh hee tee kah) –

bravery, courage

Wówačhiŋtȟaŋka (woh wah cheeŋ tahŋ kah) –

patience, self-control

Wówauŋšila (woh wah ooŋ shee lah) –

compassion, kindness

Wóyuonihaŋ (woh you oh ee haŋ) –

respect, honor

Wóksape (woke sah pay) –