WoLakota Project Professional Development for Educators

Making Certain Our Children Still Dream

MatoHeadShotSD Indian Education Director Mato Standing High on the Importance of Education


A Vision for Indian Education in SD

Amiotte headshotA Conversation with former Indian Education Director Lowell Amiotte

Wisdom From Jace

Jace“How to Wake Up in the Morning”
“Love is My Job on Earth”
“The Gifts of Mitakuye Oyasin”
“Walking in WoLakota”

Language Teaching Issues

ChargingEagle headshotLanguage Pt. 1 “Gender & Lakota Thought” with Stephanie Charging Eagle
Language Pt. 2 “Respecting Elder Language Speakers” with Stephanie Charging Eagle
Language Pt. 3 “A Vision for the Next 20 Years” with Stephanie Charging Eagle

Increasing Teacher Comfort Level

VanessaIverson headshotIncreasing Our Comfort Level” with Vanessa Iverson
Teachers Going Deeper” with Vanessa Iverson
OSEU as Way of Being” with Vanessa Iverson
“The OSEU Need to Continue to Grow” with Vanessa Iverson

Societal Issues

JohnsonEastman headshot“The Importance of Education” with Drs. Sherry Johnson & Nadine Eastman
“Addressing Racism Through the OSEU” with Drs. Sherry Johnson & Nadine Eastman

Meeting the Needs of Native Students

kevin headshot“A Strengths Based Approach” with Kevin Locke


The School Community Environment

VelmaThe School Community as a Family with Velma Kills Back
Teaching the Medicine Wheel with Velma Kills Back
The Colors of the Medicine Wheel with Velma Kills Back
Identity in the Classroom with Velma Kills Back

The Significance of Each Understanding

CHERYLMEDARIS HEADSHOT“Addressing OSEU One” with Cheryl Medearis
“Addressing OSEU Two” with Cheryl Medearis

“Addressing OSEU Three” with Cheryl Medearis
“Addressing OSEU Four” with Cheryl Medearis
“Addressing OSEU Five” with Cheryl Medearis
“Addressing OSEU Six” with Cheryl Medearis
“Addressing OSEU Seven” with Cheryl Medearis
“Culturally Responsive Teaching” with Cheryl Medearis