Wo I ste Olowan wan: Song by Earl Bullhead

Wo I ste Olowan wan 
A love song (itowapi)

Itowapikile yuha nameaksuyaya he miyeyeyelo heyeyeye 
(This picture) (With) (Remembering me) (It’s me)
Since Itowapikile yuha nameaksuye he miyeyelo heyeyeyo 
(Brother‐in‐law) (This picture) (Remember me) (It’s me)
Wamayalankinktaye since itowapike le yuha nameaksuyaya 
(You will be able to see me) (Brother‐in‐law) (With this picture) (Remember me)
He miyeyelo heyeyeyo 
(That’s me)

Free Translation: With this picture always remember me; it is I Brother‐in‐law, with this picture remember me. It will be a long time before you see me again, so every day you will see me. Brother‐ in‐law with this picture remember me, it is me! (E. Bullhead 2012)

(recording of song not currently available)