WoLakota Project


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“Wolakota” means peace, balance and coming together. The WoLakota project supports students in high-need schools through guiding educators into better implementation of the Oceti Sakowin Essential Understandings (OSEU) via Culturally Responsive Practices. Implementation of the OSEU increases elements of Oceti Sakowin identity within the school environment and practice, supporting learning for native students and promoting deeper cultural understanding among non-native students and teachers. Lakota Elder Dottie LeBeau states, “When we approach teaching with one worldview…we create systems of failure in our schools.” WoLakota closes the circle into a system of understanding and success.
Elder Lydia Whirlwind Soldier on respecting differences in our SD schools
The WoLakota Project is a partnership between
TIE, the SD Department of Education and the SD Department of Tribal Relations

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