WoLakota Courage to Teach Circles

New Circle of Understanding

Courage To Teach Seasonal Retreat Series

During the first year of teaching, mentor / mentee pairs will participate in a Courage To Teach (CTT) seasonal, four retreat series. There will be three CTT circles in-process, concurrently, with approximately twenty participants per circle per year for a project-wide total of sixty. Gatherings will be scheduled in the fall, winter, spring and summer of the teachers’ first year of teaching. Sharla Steever and Dr. Scott Simpson will co-facilitate all WoLakota Project CTT circles.

Angelina Phebus: New Teacher from McLaughlin Elementary School

Courage to Teach Circles foster

  1. Professional Teaching Skills – listening, hospitable learning environments, “third thing” pedagogy, questioning, and reflective practices
  2. Professional Teaching Dispositions and Attitudes – collegiality, relational trust capacity, better care-taking and care-giving, improved relationships, vocational and personal clarity of purpose, confidence and courage, improved leadership, clarity and capacity
  3. Professional and Personal Growth – identification of gifts and abilities in self and students, creating caring, reciprocal relationships with students and colleagues, clarification of personal beliefs about education, commitment toward health and vitality
  4. Personal and Professional Life Integration – the role of self-identity in vocational practice
  5. Personal and Professional Renewal and Transformation – integrating renewal experiences as part of on-going professional development  (Intrator & Scribner, 2000)

To find out more about Courage to Teach visit: http://www.couragerenewal.org/